Building a web app (Whinst): Epilogue

Building Whinst

After a couple of months of developmentšŸ„²,the Whinst app is now completed, deployed and ready for use. Whinst is a web application that allows you to create and share digital catalogs of the products and services your business offers. The application has a free version that allows users to create a single catalog and a paid version where they can create as many catalogs as they want.

The process of building this application had its fair share of ups and downs. But overall I’d say it has been an enjoyable experience, one that I’ve learnt a lot from. The biggest improvements I’d make would probably be the time taken to build the application. Feel free to use the app using this link.

If you made it this far into the series thank you for reading and see you in the next onešŸ™.


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