Building a web app (Whinst) weekly update #4

Building Whinst

With the Whinst web app nearly completed, I’ve spent the past two weeks working on some final tasks before deploying and launching the app. Some of these included:

  • Setting up a gateway setup: The Whinst web app will have a free version and premium one. In order to facilitate payments for the premium version, I used the payment gateway provider Paddle for this. The setup involved setting up the platform API, web hooks and wrappers to properly integrate with the Whinst web app. Several changes in relation to this also had to made to the web app, these changes involved creating certain parameters that would allow only users that have paid to access the premium version of the web app. Changes at database level also had to made to properly link users to their paddle information.
  • General testing: One of the last things I do before deploying and launching an application is general testing. I do general testing to mimic the actions of actual users. While doing this I take note of all the bugs that haven’t yet been sorted out. Once this is complete I then fix them one by one. The bugs I found and fixed were to do with both design and functionality. All the bugs have now all been sorted and I’ve since moved on to deploying the application.


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