Building a mobile app (Course Assist): Epilogue

building course assist

Now that the active development of Course Assist is complete I’ve decided to write this short article to serve as a conclusion to the Building Course Assist blog series and the Course Assist project. Let’s dive in🏃

Course Assist❗️

Course Assist consists of 2 mobile apps. The User app and the Expert app. These two apps are different from each other kind of like the way Uber has a driver app and a main app. The User app is used to post questions by anyone looking to get their question or assignment answered and the Expert app is on the receiving end, used by Experts to answer the asked questions.

Course Assist has taken about a year and 4 months to complete😬, due to several factors that made it quite difficult to finish the project on time. Initially, this project was supposed to take about 3 months to complete but because of these factors I wasn’t able to meet my target. Nevertheless, the project is done now and ready for use. Both Course Assist apps have since been deployed to production and are currently being reviewed before being published on the Google Play Store😌. If you want to know when they’ll be available you can sign up here to be amongst the first to know.

What’s next?🤔

With this series and project now complete I’ll be starting a new short series called Building a portfolio website which will serve as an interim before I start another new major project and blog series. To all those that have been reading this series since the beginning thank you so much🫡 and see you in the next one🙏.


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