Building a mobile app (Course Assist) Part 10: Building the Course Assist landing page.

building course assist

Every good business be it a school, butchery, bank or whatever has a landing page. A landing page gives potential users or customers an introduction to your business or organization, it lets them know what exactly you’re about before trying the actual thing. I like to think of it as say the outside of your house, if it looks good people are going to want to enter😂. With the many advantages to a business a landing page provides such as attracting new customers it is an essential component to have and Course Assist is no exception to this. Using ReactJs and Tailwindcss I took the time to carefully plan, design and build a landing page that properly, beautifully and simply describes what Course Assist is about. Let’s break it down✍️

How I built the landing page👷‍♂️

The Course Assist landing page was built with ReactJs and Tailwindcss for the user interface. I created a simple React web app to hold everything together. I opted to use Tailwindcss for the UI mainly because I wanted to try something new, I’m always looking for new technologies to challenge myself. Tailwindcss was an excellent choice because it was not only easy to learn and use but also gave the landing a very neat finish👌. As compared to some of the UI libraries I’ve used such as Bootstrap and Material UI I’d say Tailwindcss is a better choice. The biggest issue I’d say I faced was with images. Placing images was not easy but after hours of struggling🥲 I managed to get them all the way I wanted to them be. After all that was done, I went ahead and deployed it to Digital Ocean on their cheapest app platform plan which cost about $5 monthly, I also purchased and attached a domain from GoDaddy which cost $12 yearly.

What’s on the landing page🏠

The whole point of the landing page was to give users a simple description of what the Course Assist app is about and that’s exactly what it does. It features two sections that describe the Course Assist User app and Course Assist Expert App respectively. These sections both have phone mockups (Android and iOS) which I designed myself in Figma that display the login screen of both the Course Assist User app and Course Assist Expert App. The landing page also has a how it works section with steps describing how the app works and what it does. Then the last section has terms and conditions and privacy policy links which take you to separate pages with that information and of course contact details and links to the Course Assist social media pages.

The Course Assist landing page is deployed and can be found at, please feel free to check it out and register😄. With a landing page now complete we’re now just a couple of days away from the official launch of Course Assist🥳 something you’ll not want to miss so stay tuned to the blog to find out how the launch process and everything after that will go. Thanks for reading and see you in the next one.🙏


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