Building a mobile app (Course Assist) : Prologue

building course assist

Course Assist as stated in the series description is a project that helps students with assignments. Got the idea a little over a year ago now and long story short it took me almost the whole year last year to nearly complete it due to my terrible planning skills­čą▓ and the fact that I didn’t have much time because of school, it’s just deployment, a couple of changes and bug fixes I need to make for it to be a 100% compete. The project features 2 mobile apps built in React Native, Django for the backend and a PostgreSQL database. The goal here is to have it complete within the next month, or possibly sooner. The point of this very short prologue is to simply get you up to speed with how far the project has come already, just to avoid any confusion as you start to follow the series. If you came this far, hopefully you’ll stick around till the completion of the project, which will be the end of the series also. Thank you so much for reading and see you next time, hopefully.


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